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Public Design is a client-focused, architectural design firm from Bucharest, specializing in architecture, furniture design, interior design, master planning and sustainable design & consulting.

Founded in 2003, the architecture firm's business has rapidly expanded in the past few years in the Romanian national marketplace.

We provide our clients full design services (architecture design, structure & installations design) carried out by our architects and partners: engineers & verifiers, whose knowledges and talents best match our clients' businesses and objectives. We believe in providing unique creative solutions that address our clients specific problems, desires and expectations, by developing effective, aesthetic and functional architecture.

Our rates are reasonable and competitive. Rates are calculated based on the surface and depend on project complexity and particulars of the job.

Our Portfolio covers a wide range of projects' types: house projects, collective housing, interior design, offices, schools, swimming pools, factories, hospitals, museums, shops, feasibility studies, and is showcased in the specific portfolio pages.

The design services offered by our company are complex and complete, and consist of:
1. Paperwork for obtaining the Urban Planning Certificate (C.U.)
2. Paperwork for obtaining the permits requested by the C.U.
3. Permits obtaining (requested by the C.U.)
4. Preliminary design (Idea sketch)
5. Feasibility Study (S.F.)
6. Technical Documentation for obtaining the Construction/Demolition Permits (D.T.A..C.)
7. Technical Project (P.T.)
8. Preparing the Execution Details (D.E.)
9. Preparing the Quantities Bills, Technical Specification, Estimates
10. Interior design projects
11. Supervision of the Interior design works & Assistance in selecting materials

The Architect, together with the other experts, will join the Beneficiary throughout the project, from Design theme, until the Completion of works.

If you would like more detailed information on any of the projects, please contact us with your specific requests.

If the Client prefers another structure & installation design firm, we can provide only architectural design, working together with the assigned firm until the completion of works.

Residential category contains several types of houses. If you are interested in one of this houses, we inform you that the price will be reduced, the project considered to be a "standardized project".

Please contact us for a quote using the contact forms on the website or calling us on one of the provided phone numbers.